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When a tooth is considered at risk for further infection due to decay or cracking, a root canal is advisable to prevent the spread of infection. To cure the infection and save the tooth, your dentist will remove the infected pulp tissue, fill the cavity with an inert material, and seal the opening. Since the nerves and blood supply have been removed, it is best that the tooth be fitted with a crown after a root canal. This increases the prognosis of the tooth by six times.

For many patients, root canal therapy is one of the most feared procedures in all of dentistry. However, our dental professionals make it our number one priority to ensure your comfort while undergoing your root canal treatment, so there is absolutely nothing to fear. We have a variety of pain control methods, including analgesia (Nitrous Oxide Gas), as well as relaxation techniques to ensure you a pain-free visit.

Dr. Bharwani offers root canal services in Houston and more. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive dentistry practice.

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